foto de pueblo chiquian a lo lejos tomada por hotel en cihquián ancash perú

The town  of Chiquián is the capital of the province of Bolognesi and is located in the southeastern end of the department of Ancash. Distance from Lima is 366 Kilometers and about 7 or 8 hours by car and 109 kilometers from Huaraz which takes 2 hours of travel by land.

To get to Chiquián it is necessary to follow  the “Panamericana Norte” highway as far as Pativilca at km 205,here you turn off the Panamericana norte and take the road to Huaylas and Huaraz.

You will pass through several towns like Chasquitambo, Cajacay and Colca notice how the landscape and climate changes from Coast to highlands, until you reach the highest and coldest point of Laguna de Conococha at  3900 meters above sea level, there take a right turn and cross the “Pampa de Lampas” the road is in good condition completely asphalted, you then descend 17km more on a winding mountain road until you reach Chiquián which is at  3250 meters above sea level.

Its main attraction is the impressive views of the Huayhuash Mountain Range. Adventure sports and ecotourism such as trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. are also practiced. These have made Chiquián a very appreciated destination in the last decade.

At present, Chiquián  known as “Espejito del cielo” (small mirror of the sky ) is dedicated entirely to the


production and sale of cheese, butter, manjar blanco (caramel spread)  and honey from the surrounding valleys. The agricultural work is also part of its economy, which can be seen in its fertile valleys where excellent potatoes and corn are produced, as well as high altitude livestock, taking advantage of the extensive pampas that surround it.

Traditional Festivals:

 -From August 28 to September 4 (Patron Saint’s Day of St Rosa de Lima)

The Festival is considered as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, religious activities, processions, vespers with fireworks, spectacles, dances are carried out and musicians perform.

-From October 3 to October 7 (Patron Saint’s Day of “St Francis of Assisi”)

There are religious activities, parades, vespers with fireworks and bullfighting.