Frequently asked questions

-What kind of weather will I find in Chiquián?

The predominant climate is temperate-dry. During the day it is sunny and from 5 in the afternoon the temperature begins to drop, typical of the cold highlands of Perú.

– When is the rainy season?

The rainy season is from December to March and it is characterized by heavy rainfall and fog that can stay all day in Chiquián. The rest of the year is dry and sunny. With beautiful skies.

 -At what altitude is Chiquián?

It is 3250 meters above sea level.

 -How to get from LIMA to CHIQUIAN?

By your own transport: 

Take the Panamericana Norte route to the Pativilca turn off at Km 205 and passing Pativilca turn right towards HUARAZ and Callejon de Huaylas  you will pass through several towns such as Chasquitambo, Cajacay, you will see how the landscape and climate changes from coast to highlands, until you reach the highest point at Conococha lake which is at 3900 meters above sea level .There you take a right turn and cross the Pampa de Lampas. The road is in good condition ,completely surfaced,you then descend 17km of winding roads to Chiquián

By direct public bus:

Cavassa LIMA – CHIQUIAN Agency (basic service)

Daily departures at 9am, 8 hours travel time. Bus Terminal located behind the “Polvos azules” Shopping Center in downtown Lima.

**Another option is to travel from Lima to Huaraz, as there are more bus services and schedules to choose from. Then take a connection to Chiquián (2 hours journey)

Buses from Huaraz to Chiquián have two departures during the day, 5am and 2pm. On weekends there is usually additionally a departure at 8pm.Bus companies to look for: “Turismo Nazario”, “Jesús” and “El Rápido”.

What should I bring to wear?

We recommend that you bring thermal, and also waterproof  clothes, as the temperature usually drops at night.

Wear cool and comfortable clothes for walking and protection from the rain. Boots with good grip for the excursions, sandals for the water, hat or cap, sunglasses, sun block. We recommend wearing layers for cooler temperatures from 5pm onwards.

 –Why the name “Los Nogales”?

At the hotel our walnut trees are older than 50 years and have accompanied our family throughout time and they  are still today the main attraction of our garden.

The walnut tree has multiple medicinal properties and its wood has a beautiful dark color.

 –How to make a reservation? 

You can make a reservation from the right button of our webpage, filling out the form with your details and date of arrival.

Our  reservation staff will communicate with you.

To consider:

  • For longer holiday reservations ,it is advisable  to book 2 weeks in advance.
  • In August please reserve  at least 3 months in advance as the religious holiday of Santa Rosa de Lima falls in this month
  • If you wish to secure your reservation,you can make a 50% deposit to our account