It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the country and the most splendid mountain range of all the Peruvian Andes.

It is located 50km southeast of the Cordillera Blanca.

The difficulties to reach these mountains, have contributed to maintain its natural beauty.  Once,you  arrive  at the heart of the mountain range you  discover lagoons, streams, forests, wild life and  a great diversity of flowers . Several communities have established a mechanism of quotas that added up to 220 soles per tourist, which includes the complete return to the mountain range, which guarantees security in the use of pastures and camping areas

The highest mountain within the Huayhuash ‘range is Yerupaja at 6634 meters above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Peru and the highest in the eastern mountain range and the Amazon basin.

The name Huayhuash comes from the Quechua meaning a type of weasel. Considered by experts as one of the most demanding and spectacular trekking routes on the planet, the Huayhuash Reserved Zone is the perfect combination for the hiker /adventurer.Glacial lagoons of overwhelming beauty, snowy peaks that seem to be within reach, extensive pampas and creeks populated by dense quenual forests(paperbark trees). The total circuit around the mountain range takes between 10 and 14 days, although there are shorter routes depending on the available time and physical condition of the hikers.

The main route goes through six farming communities located in the lower valleys (Pocpa, Pacllon and Llamac are the main ones), and crosses five passes above 4500 meters above sea level and skirts more than a dozen lagoons.

The hike begins in Chiquián and it is the perfect acclimatization point for altitude, from where you can choose to follow the road to Pocpa by bus or on foot, which will add a couple of days to your journey.

From Pocpa, the last town on the route where we advise you to stock up on everything you need, the ascent begins along the pampas of Rondoy towards the first pass: Cacananpunta 4800 meters above sea level. From here, a steep descent to the first lagoon of the route, Laguna Mitucocha, a real jewel in the mountains, where you can try to fish for some good trout.The next day, the walk goes to Carhuacocha ,another lagoon that offers beautiful views of the snowy Jirishanca (6094 meters), Siula Grande( 6344 meters) Yerupaja (6634 meters). The next lagoon is Viconga, where we recommend taking a bath in the hot springs. From there continue to Punta Cuyoc (4965 meters ) and the town of Huayllapa, this town is in Lima department .(The Huayhuash mountain range stretches across 3 departments ,Ancash, Lima and Huanuco). Continue to Punta Tapush, where you will find the great Yerupaja one of the best gifts that nature can give. The last stretch of the walk will take you to the Laguna de Jahuacocha, which offers shelter to interesting bird life in its waters and at it’s end some quenual forests. It is worth staying by the lagoon for a few days and touring its surroundings to spend time with its occasional settlers, peasants from the villages of Llamac or Pocpa who live for part of the year in the highlands grazing their herds and making excellent cheese.


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